Saturday, October 26, 2013

Models and Model store in Ax 2012 R2

Models : 

Used to hold all the AOT objects as one model.
Each AX layer will have default model 
eg. Sys layer will have Sys Model.

Layer can have multiple models 
eg: Var layer can have default Var Model and Our own ABC Model for our ABC client.

Export model

Syntax : Export-AXModel –Model <name> -File <Filename.axmodel> -Details

eg: Export-AXModel –Model "Var Model" -File "C:\VarModel.axmodel" -Details

Install model

eg: Install-AXModel -File "C:\VarModel.axmodel" -Details

Uninstall model

Syntax: Uninstall-AXModel -Model <Modelname>

eg: Uninstall-AXModel -Model "Var Model"

Model Store : 

Used hold Collection of Models from all layers as a database.
In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, the model store was moved into a database that is separate from the business database.

Export Model Store

Syntax: Export-AXModelStore -File <Filename> -Details

eg: Export-AXModelStore -File "C:\Ax2012r2.axmodelstore" -Details

Import Model Store

Syntax: Import-AXModelStore -File <Filename> 

eg: Import-AXModelStore -File "C:\Ax2012r2.axmodelstore" 

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