Saturday, March 5, 2011

Batting records in 2011 world cup

I am really suprised to see Kevin O brien score 100 of 50 balls.In this world cup which is fastest in the history of the world cup.The thing about this world cup is India vs England and Ireland vs England match where more than 1300 runs were scored in bangalore.With the invent of powerplays and ICC conditions of preparing No Spin track they made Flat pitches.Traditionally subcontinent tracks are more batsman friendly and now due to ICC it has become more batsman friendly game.So there will be no prizes for guessing that this world cup will set record for more 300plus scores than any world cup.I hope for matches with more contest between bat and ball.
UDRS is now become Umpire decision reviewed by umpire to umpire system after some decision in India vs England. Ian bell decision was out for me,whole indian fans,whole indian team,Ian Bell himself started walking but Billy bowden refused.Another match was when umpire gave out 'reviewed ','2.5meter above ','decision of umpire is final call', umpire stuck to his earlier decision Out.

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