Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is God?

God is someone we look up to when we have problems.God is imaginary.God is one we worship.
God is one we say created the universe and all the objects in it.But these are all written by a human who don't want to think about who created him.People love to make stories and They love to dream so they exaggerate every thing.How did they started to tell the story. Well may be to sleep her children some mother or father came across with such a beautiful story.They must be so clever that their children and people near them believe in that story so they all told the same story to their children
This was before people who started to know about science.There are some other stories which is more exaggerate more artistic which is to suggest there is no One god there are Many gods that is like civilized people every people have a job one cannot do all job so people believed one god cannot do one 
god must have friends and they must have assistants thus multiple number of god originated from more civilized people.Thus Rain,Fire,Air,Earth,Sun,etc Became objects which is controlled by Different Gods.Religion is a group of people who believe one god theory or many god theory.These people fought with each other that their story or theory about god is true so they started religious war that is group fight.They killed people who don't believe in their theory of god.But they understood if we keep fighting one day there will be no one alive to tell the story to our children so they stopped fighting.Then came scientist who believed everything in this earth has a relation so if we find our grandfather we might 
find our god.They found out we are not the first to be born on earth.Monkeys are one which have eyes, nose,face,hands like us they must be our origins.But Monkeys are having tails why don't we have well depending on the situation and place we live we change ourselves thus Monkeys needed tails to climb when they started walking they don't need it like gorillas thus this process of transformation is called mutation. So what is god imaginary friend who we ask for help when we don't have anything else to do."GOD is LUCK"    

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